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Mineral County Country Roads Fall Tour

Planning a trip to Mineral County is always a good idea. Planning a trip to Mineral County in the fall is an even better idea! Jump in the car and head down these country roads! From Burlington, to Fort Ashby, to Elk Garden, and beyond these sights will not disappoint! These drives are no more than 75 miles long. All roads are satisfactory for cars of all makes and models, as well as, motorcycles. But please be sure to do some basic research before you go off on your adventure! All driving directions will be included below each photograph. Enjoy!

The Tour of 4 Towns


The Tour of 4 Towns will begin in Keyser. From Keyser you will head into Burlington and make your way down Patterson Creek Road. From there on you'll make your way through to Fort Ashby and Short Gap before returning to Keyser. Directions

The Lake Tour

Fall JRL.jpg

The Lake Tour starts in Keyser and you make your way through scenic New Creek. From New Creek, you make your way up the mountain towards Elk Garden. From there, you can take a pitstop by Jennings Randolph Lake & Barnum Whitewater Area before making your way back down the mountain back to Keyser. Directions.

The Tour of Two States

Rt 46 Fall Photo.jpg

The Tour of Two States begins in the city of Keyser. Once you leave Keyser, you will head East on 46 towards Fort Ashby and Short Gap. Once you are through Short Gap, you will finish this leg of the tour through the state of Maryland which will then bring you back into the city of Keyser. 

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