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Brookdale Farms


Brookdale is one of the three agri-tourism farms here in the county. The farm offers a green house, event space (weddings, birthday parties, etc.), a corn maze, and much more. Located right off George's Run Road in Fort Ashby. 

Phone: 304-298-3760

Address: 369 Georges Run Road,
Fort Ashby, West Virginia 26719

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Flying W Farm


Flying W is our second agri-tourism farm in the county. They offer a fresh farmers market, catering, crafts, meat processing, as well as, their restaurant. They are a 5th generation farming family. 

Phone: 304-289-3005

Address: 2939 Northwestern Turnpike, US Rt. 50, Burlington, WV 26710


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Higson's Farm

Hig Farm.jpg

Higson's is the third agri-tourism farm in the county. Higson's farm is owned by Ronald and Nora Higson. Come visit the Fall Festival, experience the corn maze, pick your own pumpkin, and much more! 

Phone: 304-738-8946

Address: 2276 E Maple St. Wiley Ford, West Virginia 26767

Plan your visit today!

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